The next course valid for the HS—AHA (BLSD-PBLSD) certification awarded by the American Heart Association, with INTERNATIONAL recognition open to ALL and held in ENGLISH, has been scheduled on May (date to be confirmed). It has been organized by the "International Training Center SQUICCIARINI RESCUE" and will take place at the HOTEL SAVOY in Via Ludovisi,15 (near Via Veneto – ‘Metro Barberini’ or ‘Pinciana’, or access Parking Ludovisi two blocks away), near the United States Embassy premises, in Rome.
The Medical Director – in accordance with national regulations – is a medical doctor: Dr. Marco Squicciarini will run the course, together with his team of BLSD instructors (with ARES 118 certification).

The HEART SAVER course is open to anyone wishing to attend it. It will take place in a classroom setting and will be based on a video conducted by an instructor teaching pediatric and adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the use of the AED ( Automated External Defibrillator) and the maneuvers to save infants, toddlers, children and adults from chocking.

The course utilizes the innovative American Heart Association technique of ‘practicing by watching the video’, whose value has been proven by research, enabling students to perform by imitating the skills presented on the DVD, as on-site instructors provide feedback and support learners in the acquisition of these competencies.

An interactive video will show diverse scenarios, while instructors will use the relevant dummies, from baby dummies to adult ones.
There is a value added to this course about the importance of life, especially for boys and girls and anyone who would like not only to watch but learn…and make the difference.

This event is certified by the Italian Sistema Sanitario Regionale ARES -118 Regione Lazio (del. N. 257/30052016), and will provide a DOUBLE certification, i.e. one from the AHA and the other one from the regional 118 emergency aid system.

Each participant undergoing training will be submitted to a final practical test and will receive from the American Heart Association:
- A student handbook (BLS-HCP AHA)
- A pocket mask (a face mask and case)
- A card with a Heart Saver international registration number (at the end of the heart saver course)
- A certificate of the American Heart Association (testifying the Heart Saver course completion)
- A card with the ARES 118 registration number, enabling to the use AED in Italy
- A certificate with the ARES 118 registration number, enabling to the use AED in Italy

This HS-BLSD American Heart Association course trains to resuscitation, clearing of blocked airways, and using the AED in newborns, children and adults, and provides registration with ARES 118.

Please do not hesitate to request any further information.


Medico nominato Esperto presso il “Consiglio Superiore di Sanità per le tecniche rianimazione cardio-polmonare pediatriche“ nel 2014
Istruttore Rianimazione Cardiopolmonare con abilitazione all’uso del defibrillatore BLSD – PBLSD

Accreditato presso il Sistema Sanitario Regionale ARES - 118
Regione Lazio - Regione Veneto - Regione Abruzzo - Regione Piemonte - Regione Lombardia

Via Emilia, 47 - 00187 Roma
Studio: 06.420.16.852
Cell: 335.662.0.668

Via Ludovisi,15 - 00187 - Roma
presso Hotel Savoy

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